Inktober 2018: Days 1 - 10

Hello and welcome to the 10th of October. It’s an important date because it marks 10 days of surprise and disbelief that I have made it this far into Inktober without either forgetting or giving up. As someone who spends hours and hours obssessivley fine-tuning illustrations, Inktober always seemed out of my reach, which is precisely why I decided to join in this year. I wanted to challenge myself to draw quickly, let go of mistakes and post regularly (my Instagram account has been sorely neglected this year). Lo and behold, it seems to be working so far!

You will notice that I gave myself some extra leeway by choosing prompts from a bunch of different lists that sparked my imagination. I’m also using the term Inktober very loosely.

Have a look for yourself :)

Day 1: Holes


Day 2: Lantern


Day 3: Heart


Day 4: Graveyard


Day 5: Antlers

Day 6: Ritual


Day 7: Tea


Day 8: Water Creature

Water Creature2.jpg

Day 9: Into the Dark Forest

Baba Yaga.jpg

Day 10: Precious


Check back on October 20th and see if I can keep the streak going strong!